Motivation and development

All XRay products have beauty

as their primary goal and a real obsession for quality.

XRay was born from the lucky encounter of two very similar persons who, right from the very beginning, have shared the goal of perfection in the creation of innovative components for the motorcycle industry. More specifically the goal was to mix and match the most satisfying aestethics with perfect functionality and thus every millimeter of a weld, every edge of mechanical machining, every screw, bolt and component had to be the very best in terms of rationality, efficiency and more simply overall total quality.

While forgetting every time the word “production costs”, XRay thinks, designs, develops every single component with a total quality approach and confirms that the true company mission is to be “ insuperable” in every product they make even at the expense of laughable company profit. Nevertheless the ambition of creating excellent components is stronger than any economic motivation and XRay, that was born in the homeland of good taste and mechanics, wants to establish itself as a leader in the construction of motorcycle components.

The road ahead is long but XRay has clear in its mind that only with the achievement of total quality in every single component one can win this challenge that has never been so tough and globalized!

The development of an XRay product

Often a product is created as a result of an idea

born from a practical need or an aesthetical one


Our passion for motorcycles leads us to ride them. When we ride them we think and ideas come to our minds. Sometimes we succeed in actually making usable products out of these ideas!


Our ideas become concepts once feasibility is assessed. At this stage rigorous calculations and material evaluation begins


Once the concept has been developed the focus shifts toward the aesthetics since every XRay accessory in order to be successful must be beautiful as well


At this stage all best possible materials and finishings are choosen and this is where our obsession for details comes into place


This is when all our pre production products are stress tested following our extensive and demanding procedures and, of course, lots of miles on the road with the actual bikes we used to develop these products with