XRay Project brand history

Bold ambitions, extreme quality and precision.

The encounter between Roberto Calissano and Alberto Avola has given birth to XRay Project

XRay Project was born in 2014 from an idea of Roberto Calissano who is a great motorcycle enthusiast and more in general he is very fond of mechanics and had the desire to create whole engine covers moulded in transparent plastic polymers.

This bold ambition that was strongly discouraged by many since it was widely believed at the time that there weren’t any plastic materials that could withstand the thermal and chemical stress produced by air and oil cooled engines, brought him to meet with Alberto Avola, a valid and expert technician specialized in the construction of plastic mould tools.

Together they started to tackle this technological challenge and after endless tests, substantial investments and spasmodic researches they succeed in patenting the use of a special technopolymer for the making of transparent engine covers.

Thus the name XRay Project, that is the possibility through this innovative material with features that makes it similar to a “transparent metal”, to being able to see the moving mechanics of an engine likewise at what X-Rays allow to do in the medical diagnostics field allowing to see under the human skin.

The meeting of Roberto and Alberto led to the development of other projects besides the making and selling of transparent engine covers for the BMW R nineT models and soon the product range expanded and now it includes central stands, trapezoidal and curved high performance oil radiators, oil pressure gauge kits…

The character affinities of Roberto and Alberto and an innate quest for maximum quality and precision bring XRay to making always high quality products using the best available materials and an obsessive attention to details, even the smallest.

All XRay products are the end result of hundreds of hours of technical drawings, prototyping, dimensional checkings as well as of many hours and kilometers spent driving the vehicles for which they are designed allowing therefore always top reliability and lasting performance.

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A painstacking attention to details

The numbers of our XRay clear cam covers

  • Clear cam covers set

    XRay clear cam cover for BMW boxer engine layout. These parts will drastically improve the look of your R nineT

  • Oil pressure gauge kit black version

    Oil pressure gauge kit to monitor at all times the engine oil pressure (black version)

  • Central stand for BMW R nineT Scrambler/Urban GS

    A specific central stand for your BMW R nineT Scrambler and Urban GS

  • XRAy central stand for R nineT Reg., Pure & Racer

    An high quality central stand for your BMW R nineT Regular, Pure and Racer

  • XRay big oil cooler kit for BMW R nineT family

    Big oil cooler kit (approximately 30% bigger that stock one) made in aluminum alloy

  • Oil pressure gauge kit white dial

    Oil pressure gauge kit to monitor at all times the engine oil pressure (white dial version)