XRay Handlebar Mounted Oil Pressure Gauge Kit for BMW R nineT (all models from 2017 onwards)

220,00 + IVA


Since 2017 BMW strangely removed from all his R nineT model range the common red “low pressure” warning light on the dashboard thus making it impossible to detect low oil level or pressure of the engine that could lead to catastrophic engine failure!

 XRay, in its usual innovative mindset, decided to solve this mysterious design oversight by creating a simple to install “Handlebar Mounted Oil Pressure Gauge Kit” specifically for the “R NineT” engine family. 

This engine saving device is “plug and play” and has a sleek design and perfect finish. It has been designed and entirely made in Italy.


This XRay Oil Pressure Gauge kit is suitable for all models from 2017 onwards 


  • Essential for monitoring of engine oil pressure on all BMW R nineT models
  • Made with sleek design, perfect finish and top materials
  • Designed, engineered and made in Italy
  • Two years warranty
  • Installation instructions included in kit
  • Available in both black or white dial gauges (you can choose selecting the link below)



XRay Handlebar Mounted Oil Pressure Gauge Kit for BMW R nineT (all models from 2017 onwards)

The mounting takes place by simply removing the M12x1,5 allen head oil plug screw located on left lower engine side, the plug that sits at about 1 o’clock right above the oil level round transparent window. (This plug is used by BMW authorized workshops to perform oil pressure checks and BMW instructs that correct oil pressure at 80/90° Celsius (correct engine running temperature) should be a minimum of 12 psi (0,8 bar) at idle and a minimum of 51 psi (3,5 bar) at 4.000 rpm).

XRay “Handlebar Mounted Oil Pressure Gauge Kit” consists of a special stainless steel engine oil adapter that replaces the BMW oil plug screw and a special braided stainless steel black heatshrink covered oil line that connects to this stainless steel engine oil adapter on one side (no need to use any gasket on this junction) and to the silicone filled oil pressure gauge to the other side (this junction requires the use of our special brass cone shaped gasket between the oil line fitting and the bottom of the threaded part of gauge attachment).
The line has two special crimped stainless steel fittings, a straight one and a 90° swiveable one to allow simple and straightforward installation.


The 90° swiveable fitting of the line is connected to the stainless steel engine oil adapter whereas the straight one is connected to the silicon filled gauge using our special brass, cone shaped gasket.

The silver anodized gauge bracket is carved from billet aluminum and it is installed on the left portion of the handlebar. Our gauge bracket has a stainless steel grub screw to allow correct alignment of the gauge and then proper blocking in place.

Once the gauge is inserted and blocked in our aluminum bracket, from top down the best routing of the line is from the inside of left front fork tube and then down alongside engine cylinder and belt cover (line is helped stay in place with the use of provided rubber covered P clamp) to the engine oil adapter at an angle of about 45° in between radiator line and engine casing.



  • Engine saving device, sleek design and perfect finish, conceptualized, designed and Made in Italy. 

  • All fittings are machined out of stainless steel.

  • Each individual braided stainless steel black heatshrink covered oil line is pressure tested.

  • Oil pressure gauges have a black stainless steel case and are silicone filled (rather than glycerin) thus able to work properly at below zero temperatures.

  • Engine mounted gauge brackets are carved from solid aluminum and anodized and then color stabilized to prevent UV discoloration. 

  • Two years warranty







Packaging dimension

Packaging dimension

Packaging dimension for our XRay Oil Pressure Gauge Kit are: cm 18,5 x 13,5 x 8 H

Weight of package is kg. 0,325



Comptability: This xRay Oil Pressure Gauge Kit can be installed on all R Nine T 1200 models from 2017 onwards